A lot of people hear aboutthe-server (web server) is the basis of web hosting and all sites are hosting servers, which is a computer that has the ability to withstand the conditions of operating continuously for long periods of up to more than a year

the-server  is connected to the network of various types and sizes – both internal network or the Internet and is assigned this device to perform specific tasks to serve the other devices connected to the same network

the-server :

It is a computer CPU, some programs are added to it to switch from a normal device such as your device to a server to provide some assistance to computers and other users is a complete control of devices connected through

There are many types of servers – most important server Dedicated Server is to serve one company or one user and is one of the most expensive servers and the best ever

type f server:

Virtual Server : The server is divided into more than one virtual server and each server is sold separately VPS

Server Applications : It is a server that provides great space for running various games and applications

Email Server : The server that is responsible for receiving, sending and storing e-mails and depends on the major companies

How the server works :

When you visit any site you put the link and press the Enter button
• The browser connects to the DNS server
• The DNS sends the server’s definition of the site hosted
• The site then connects to the server and asks it to access the page that the user requested to search for
• The server then prepares the page and sends it to the site in the form of data packets
• The browser eventually displays the page to the user

Despite these complex steps, they are only a few seconds away

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