easacc-accounting a new look at the world of financial accounting in a simple and easy presentation through multiple financial reports and also the possibility of adding cost centers for projects and delegations to determine the profit areas and gradients with ease and also the possibility of adding the tree multi- level accounting and can also make an estimated budget for expenses and expected revenues and compare with the actual On any date in the fiscal year and can show the results of the activity with all profitability and profitability through the final lists of the program and include the income statement to determine the net profit of the activity and net profit of each cost center and the list of the center of money Li show where the financial items and full property rights.

Features of the program

Daily system and day locks

  • Through the program can open the day of work and daily implementation through sales and purchase and after the completion of the work to close the day and migrate accounts
  • All accounts show their impact on the basis of their nature, or that they are credit or debit
  • In the day, balances, sales reports, sales returns, purchases, and purchase returns
  • After a daily closing, it can be extracted as an accounting entry and sent to the customer’s registered email

System of prices

  •  The program makes it easy to make a convenient bid in an easy and simple way
    The bid includes all bid items such as customer name and display items
  • The price tag shows the activity logo, its complete details, the trade register number and everything related to the activity

Financial accounting and accounting tree

  • The program contains a valid accounts directory for all business and service activities
  • The maximum accounting guide extends from five levels easily
  • System of closing the accounting period and its migration
  • The overall audit balance shall be two types of balances and detailed
  • The system is very high protection and recording the time and date of each operation and first

POS system

  • Add the expected items of products
  • You can add an image to the category
  • Supports Arabic, English and Turkish
  • Items can be easily modified
  • Simple and simple sales invoice for kashir
  • There is also a table sale and payment later
  • Payment Method (Cash, Visa, Post)
  • Easily add a client account that can be printed
  • The program increased more than thirty thousand Report
  • Online and offline sales
  • You’re easily online

Customer system and sales

  • A limited number of customers can be added to the program
  • Ask for complete customer details such as name, address, mobile and postal number
  • by email
  • Add alerts and customer feedback
  • Add a specific
  • Print customer account statement easily
  • Registration of quotations provided to customers and linking them to applications previously registered
  • Record the orders of delivery executed for their occurrence
  • Record customer complaints and follow up on their solution or escalation
  • Record all correspondence

Download the program now

There is a free version of theeasacc-accounting that you can easily access just enter the download page click Here



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