easacc-sales program is a modern and sophisticated way to manage your business easily

The accounting system contains all the tools and modern methods to determine the characteristics of the activity with ease and accuracy through the possibility of adding items and stores easily and determine the selling price, purchase price and inventory amount

easacc-sales calculates the cost of the inventory and the value after the inclusion of the quantities of the item and determines the value of the profit after deduction of the cost and this gives the employer the expected profits and also the possibility of making the invoice for sale easily and the work of special discount for customers and work easily returned to customers and also the purchase invoice and supplier accounts

And through and warnings given by the program through direct messages that appear at intervals on the dates of payment of customers or suppliers, or the stock of decreasing or stagnant items and the possibility of working a fixed discount for disposal or loss of sales

There are also sales statistics, profit and loss areas, direct inventory of all categories

easacc-sales is valid for all business activities

(Pharmacies – Hospitals – Retail Stores – Supermarkets with full items registered in the program – Furniture and furniture stores – Electrical and construction equipment stores and others – Shops spare parts and other commercial activities)

Features of the program

  • Record an infinite number of items
  • Export data in Sheet Exe
  • Apply points system
  • Create a list of suppliers and customers
  • Make a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly inventory
  • Recognized by the Ministry of Zakat and Saudi Income
  • Link branches on a single database
  • The possibility of modifying the program according to activity
  • mark user privileges according to their work
  • Follow up activity from anywhere

There is a free version of the program that you can easily access just enter the download page click Here

The program is valid for all commercial activities without exception, including pharmacies, hospitals, retail stores, supermarkets with complete data, and furniture stores, electrical and construction tools, spare parts stores and other commercial activities.