Its new appearance on the world of financial accounting, warehouse management and sales in a simple and easy way of presentation through multiple financial reports and the possibility of adding cost centers for projects and delegates to identify profit and loss areas with ease easily, in addition to the possibility of adding multi-level accounting tree.

Easacc is one of the important accounting programs that contain many features to suit the needs of restaurants and cafes in managing multi-outlet sales operations (restaurant, delivery, through applications, etc.), as well as stock management and purchasing operations, our system outperforms other than others.

,iFlights Fully Integrated Aviation our aviation software products started since 2009 based on the idea of developing solutions to fully automate airlines company Now in 2019 after we gain huge knowledge in the aviation field and after we have dedicated pilots working in our business analysis team we succeed to have the following products.

Microsys program for managing medical clinics is considered one of the best and easiest ways to manage clinics and medical centers with all their specializations. This program is the best way to help you in organizing medical and administrative financial management within the clinic or your medical center and deal with all kinds of disclosures in addition to the ease of adding and removing from And to the program according to the clinic system.

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