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Easacc Information Technology.

A new look at the digital world with a passionate technical team that gave technology a contemporary and powerful feel.

Easacc Information Technology.
A new look at the digital world with a passionate technical team that gave technology a contemporary and powerful feel.

About Us

Easacc for Information Technology was established in February 2013 in the city of Riyadh and started with a question
Why don’t we have digital services and products with Saudi hands? By answering questions in technical dialogue meetings, Isaac’s technical journey began, and Isaac became a leading company in the technical field, for consulting and technical services in the Middle East, we were motivated by an unlimited passion to reach the highest standards of digital services and products at the level of the East The Middle East, and we always look forward to achieving impressive successes with our passion and our team

Our message

At Easacc, we provide innovative technical solutions and digital services that meet the needs of our customers and suit many fields according to what achieves their desires and achieve their ambitions


Customer pleasing

Fit the customer’s requirements in
At the heart of every product and service


Strengthening honesty and integrity
Employees, partners and customers


Unlocking the capabilities of employees
Unlocking the capabilities of employees


We value every member of our team and believe
That we can only overcome any challenges with dedication and team spirit


Initiative to create innovative ideas
To the satisfaction of our partners and customers

Our services

Advanced Data Analytics

It is a collection of automated data analysis practices, tools, and services that help you understand everything that happens in your business

business intelligence

It is a set of processes, data, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful information that drives profitable business processes.


Applications help to save effort and time, mobile phone applications, and attract the largest mass base of customers through a permanent presence on each device

Web Portals

We allow you to have an effective presence on the Internet, a service for creating websites, websites for your technical project, with an easy user experience that suits your target audience

Network Services

Network projects, installation of protection and alarm devices, and remote monitoring of projects Yet it is meticulously implemented because of its sensitivity to its importance as an important component of digital security system

cloud systems

The meaning of cloud computing lies in the transformation from using applications via computers or connecting to the internal network to be through a web browser and from anywhere in the world.

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