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With the remarkable technological development and how technology and scientific development helps to facilitate human life, the idea of technical applications and projects emerged.
Our company has endeavored to overcome difficulties for its customers with new and advanced ideas and advanced management solutions, developing and crystallizing customer ideas in line with the needs and desires of the market.

Easacc team works on:

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    Planning a mobile application in a professional manner by defining the main objectives of the application and its business model, where the target group is defined from this application and does it need such an application and what is the added value from which the target sample will benefit.

    Doing extensive research on: Applications that carry the same idea as you (competitors), the technical and technical requirements for building the application, the process of financing and marketing and developing the future application, the application’s business model and the method of making money if the goal was profitable.

    Designing a mobile application on Photoshop and starting to draw the main interfaces of the application and developing the initial model of the application and its internal components in a way that identifies the main interfaces and determines the special paths such as the flow of data and technical and technical needs, and comes the stage of developing the basic model of the application, so that it is subject to specialists and those interested, and the goal of this stage is The concept of application is first embodied before the implementation process begins.

    At this stage the actual construction of the application or the implementation phase is started and all the plans and points that have been developed and proposed in the previous steps are applied, from designing the interfaces and building links, internal screens and other technical needs and technical matters.

    Among the most important steps in this stage is to obtain an account in the platform on which the application will be installed, for example Google play, where it may take time and also there are fees that must be paid to allow the application to be raised and displayed on the target platform.

    Upon reaching the stage of testing the application in its initial (experimental) version, where it is possible at this stage to avoid any errors or shortcomings in the previous stages, as well as its experience on various devices, as well as its participation with specialists and decision-makers such as funders.

    Also at this stage an overview of the application is made, focusing on the careful review process and reviewing each process that was done separately, and then the application experience.

    After going through these stages and obtaining approval to raise the application in its final version from different application platforms such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and BlackBerry, the marketing phase comes, which has been clearly prepared in the early stages of building the application.

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