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Easacc provides a range of business technology services that include software development, infrastructure services, information security services, as well as integrated support and operating services for various sectors.

Advanced data analytics

  • Artificial intelligence is based on data for action, which makes artificial intelligence highly innovative and valuable – its ability to learn and improve on its own without human assistance.
  • Advanced data analytics uses this machine independent learning to gain insights into customer, user and machine behavior.

Real time analytics

  • Your stats wait times have expired.
  • Real Time Analytics converts the results of many researches into coherent information within a second.
  • You will be able to access the data received as it happens.
  • This revolutionary solution speeds up decision-making processes and helps improve the overall user experience of a website or app.

Graph data processing

  • Understanding data can be difficult or confusing.
  • This is especially true for complex graph databases.
  • Artificial intelligence is able to analyze and manipulate complex graph data relationships and retrieve various information from it simultaneously.

Visual display of information

  • In order to efficiently communicate the collected data, it must be converted visually into graphics.
  • With the help of data visualization tools, you can create graphs, discover new patterns and explore relationships between data points.
  • Complex data becomes understandable, comparable, and usable.

Business intelligence

Business intelligence

  • Our solutions are compatible with multiple integrated data sources easily by combining them to fit all the available information.
  • From sources to presenting your most requested data, we help open the door to a wide range of ideas about business development and marketing, customer experience, human resource management, performance effectiveness and more.
  • Industry focus is the cornerstone of our approach to business intelligence solutions.
  • Due to the different data needs from one institution to another, we pay special attention to the business characteristics of each customer, whether they belong to retail, manufacturing, healthcare, banking services or others.

Cloud systems

  • Whether you need to integrate quickly with AWS or create a SaaS streaming system with a turnkey system that can handle more than 10,000 simultaneous connections – our best in-class specialists will deliver cloud projects of any complexity.
  • Let’s create your own cloud program from scratch, move your system painlessly to the cloud, as well as monitor and maintain it around the clock.
  • We take advantage of industry-specific expertise and proven knowledge through experience to guide you through each step of developing cloud applications.
  • The roadmap for cloud implementation is clear, robust and flexible cloud architecture, ongoing maintenance, and real-time application support – and that’s what you get with our team.

انترنت الأشياء

  • نقدم في ايزاك حلول إنترنت الأشياء القوية والآمنه التي تعتمد على البيانات التي تم إنشاؤها بواسطة الجهاز والتي تتوافق مع جميع معايير الصناعة.
  • لقد ساعدتنا سنوات من التعاون الوثيق مع بائعي الأجهزه على صقل مهاراتنا الهندسية وفهم المشكلات المتعلقة بالصناعة بعمق.
  • دع فريقنا من خبراء إنترنت الأشياء يخطو خطوة إلى عملية تطوير الأجهزه والبدء في تحقيق قيمة فورية في أي مرحلة.


Network services

  • We provide comprehensive networking consulting, design, and implementation of LAN, WAN, SD-WAN, wireless, security, cloud, NMS and more.
  • Our professional team will analyze your existing infrastructure and recommend the best solution for your needs.
  • End-to-end network design, implementation and support of 7/24 network and remote monitoring.
  • Proficiency in working with many HP network products, Juniper, Cisco, Paloalto vendors, etc.
  • Accident, change, problem management.
  • Support for Cisco call center including IVR, recorder, call recording and quality of service.


  • Performance Management .
  • Configuration management.
  • the management of change .
  • Availability management.
  • knowledge management .
  • Capacity Management and Training.
  • Design and implement wireless and cloud-based wireless networks.

Our network services and solutions include:

Network design and implementation by End-toEnd and 24/7 network support for:

  • Data networks.
  • Unified Communications – Wireless Networks.
  • Network security for building networks, cloud, and endpoints.
  • Design and implement cloud computing.
  • SDN – Networked Software.
  • SSDWAN – Secure software defined for broadband networks.
  • NFV – Virtual Network Job.

Cyber ​​security

National Cybersecurity Authority:

  • Cybersecurity is an essential technology for every organization.
  • This valuable service enables you to provide the security team with a comprehensive understanding of the security situation of their assets.
  • In addition to collecting security data from all important network assets and displaying it as executable information through one interface.

Cyber ​​Security Service Features:

  • Flexible offers and packages according to customer needs.
  • Full support is locally available.
  • Alerts via e-mail or SMS.
  • Fast deployment and ease of management.

Cyber ​​security features:

  • Run by a team of cybersecurity experts, they add use cases, their relationship, and other content that helps you improve your investment and improve your security situation.
  • Complies with government requirements.
  • This service ranges from cloud-based cybersecurity where it is ready as a service within days, to an integrated service establishment at the customer’s site with management and remote operation.
  • Monitoring and management 24/7, within service level agreements.

Internet of things

Internet of things

  • We are here to provide you with a valuable insight in order to expand, improve and make your business a guide to the future. Through our IoT solutions, we are exploring new ways of channeling talent, engaging customers, and developing new businesses with bigger ideas.
  • Let’s transform your organization and achieve a higher level of digital transformation through our innovative business models.
  • We help clients realize the great benefits of IoT and experience progress and better capabilities.
  • We provide our technology expertise, industry knowledge, technology partners and a powerful delivery mechanism to help you access the latest avenue for IoT solutions.
  • We offer Internet of Things to increase your company’s productivity and provide an exceptional customer experience.
  • With the rapid growth of the Internet of Things as an idea and connected internet devices applied in almost every field, we strive to keep abreast of the latest technology trends and provide IoT software development solutions.
  • Our IoT solutions help build smart devices connected to the Internet and share data.
  • We enable companies to communicate and expand efficiently by enabling them to provide innovative solutions supported by IOT.
  • Our expert team has worked on many IOT related projects, and built comprehensive internet solutions.

Web Portal

Web Portal

  • Ease of use and competition analysis.
  • Integrated installation and setup.
  • Advanced electronic payment methods for project owners.
  • Website content strategy.
  • Integration into e-commerce systems.
  • Consulting and after-sales services.
  • Design a responsive website for browsers.
  • Art at the drawing site.
  • User experience design.

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