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We made your system easy with the Easacc integrated accounting program…

Easacc Erp

We made your system easy with Easacc integrated accounting program

Easacc Erp

Easacc – new ruins on the world of financial calculator, stores and sales management and sales in a simple and easy to view through multiple financial reports and the possibility of adding multi-level accounting tree and can also work an estimated budget for expenditure and expenditures and comparison with the actual in any date in the fiscal year You can show the results of the activity with all the comfort and flexibility through the final lists of the program, including the income statement, specifying the net profit of the activity and the net profit of each cost center and the statement of financial position, in which the financial items and property rights are shown in full, in addition to the inventory counts and inventory valuations. This gives a view of the business owner on his expected profits, as well as the issuance of the sales invoice easily, the issuance of a special discount to customers and return work to customers easily, as well as the purchase invoice and calculators and calculators of suppliers Through messages that appear at intervals that are payment dates to customers or suppliers, or a declining stock, or stagnant items, and the possibility of adding a fixed discount to them to dispose of them, or direct losses in sales, and specification of sales and sales data.

Program Features

accounting tree

Human Resource Management

profit and loss system

connect branches

Treasury Reports

point of sale system


Transfers Report

Credit and Debit Notices

daily movement

Customer and Sales System

  • You can add an unlimited number of clients to the program.
  • Add full customer details such as name, address, mobile, number and e-mail address.
  • By e-mail, the program can send today’s closings to the e-mail
    Registered in the client software.
  • Add alerts and notes regarding clients.
  • You can also add a specific discount for a regular or special customer.
  • Easily print an account statement for the customer.
  • Recording and linking the quotations submitted to customers. of previously registered applications.
  • Recording the sales orders that have been executed for customers and linking them to the previously recorded quotations.
  • Recording customer complaints and following up their resolution or escalation.
  • Record all correspondence between the facility and its clients.

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