About Easacc

    Easacc is a leading information technology company founded in Riyadh in 2013, we strive at Easacc to excellence in providing our products and technical services by following the highest quality standards in implementation and development keeping pace with the latest technologies in the field, we offer modern solutions in IT infrastructure design and various technical systems of mobile applications and electronic gateways and sales systems, accounting and networks and services that enable us to successfully provide solutions to various government and private entities.

    Our team is ready to meet all client requirements from consulting and business payment systems and after-sales services, because we simply believe that our customer is a success partner, we face challenges, we share development in achieving his goals and leading solutions with him towards success.
    Through our services, Easacc has increased productivity, improved performance and reduced costs for all partners success and expand their work.

    We have been constantly improving our competencies and investing in research and development because the most important thing for us it the success of our customers.

    Our Services

    Advanced data analytics

    Artificial intelligence is based on data for action, what makes AI highly innovative and valuable is its ability to learn and improve on its own without human assistance. Advanced data analytics uses this machine independent learning to obtain
    Deep insights about customer, user and machine behavior.

    Business intelligence

    From sources to presenting your most requested data, we help open the door to a wide range of ideas about business development, marketing, customer experience, human resource management, performance effectiveness, and more.

    Internet of things

    We are here to provide you with a valuable insight to expand and improve your business and make it a guide for the future. Through our IoT solutions, we explore new ways to channel talent, engage clients, and develop new business with bigger ideas. We enable companies to connect and expand efficiently by enabling them to deliver innovative solutions supported by IOT.

    Network services

    We provide comprehensive network consulting, design, and implementation of LAN, WAN, SD-WAN, wireless, security, cloud, NMS and more.
    Our professional team will analyze your existing infrastructure and recommend the best solution for your needs.

    Cloud systems

    Whether you need to integrate quickly with AWS or create a SaaS streaming system with a turnkey system that can handle more than 10,000 simultaneous connections – our best in-class specialists will deliver cloud projects of any complexity. Let’s create your own cloud program from scratch, move your system painlessly to the cloud, as well as monitor and maintain it around the clock.

    Mobile Applications

    With the remarkable technological development and how technology and scientific development helps to facilitate human life, the idea of technical applications and projects emerged.
    Our company has endeavored to overcome difficulties for its customers with new and advanced ideas and advanced management solutions, developing and crystallizing customer ideas in line with the needs and desires of the market.

    Web Portal

    With us, you can easily design your website and help you choose information that can be included in your work area and attract many customers through the great design of the site and the ease of display.

    Our products

    We strive to be the primary destination in achieving the requirements of the technical future with increased and professionalism.

    Its new appearance on the world of financial accounting, warehouse management and sales in a simple and easy way of presentation through multiple financial reports and the possibility of adding cost centers for projects and delegates to identify profit and loss areas with ease easily, in addition to the possibility of adding multi-level accounting tree.

    Easacc is one of the important accounting programs that contain many features to suit the needs of restaurants and cafes in managing multi-outlet sales operations (restaurant, delivery, through applications, etc.), as well as stock management and purchasing operations, our system outperforms other than others.

    ,iFlights Fully Integrated Aviation our aviation software products started since 2009 based on the idea of developing solutions to fully automate airlines company Now in 2019 after we gain huge knowledge in the aviation field and after we have dedicated pilots working in our business analysis team we succeed to have the following products.

    Microsys program for managing medical clinics is considered one of the best and easiest ways to manage clinics and medical centers with all their specializations. This program is the best way to help you in organizing medical and administrative financial management within the clinic or your medical center and deal with all kinds of disclosures in addition to the ease of adding and removing from And to the program according to the clinic system.

    Our clients

    We are proud of our valued customers and strive to be always partners in success

    Mobile Applications

    We have worked to develop and develop customer ideas in line with the needs and desires of the market.


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